We take climate change very seriously and are equally serious about making sure that Babushkas works towards becoming a very responsible 21st century retailer. It is, apart from running a successful business, our main focus. We don't expect to have a successful business now and into the future without it. Anything less is irresponsible as we think that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's view that we have until 2030 to avoid catastrophic consequences is far too optimistic.

So for us this naturally means removing oil, gas and coal in transport, lighting, heating and power sources and replacing these with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. We intend to have this fully implemented by December 2021 or earlier if we can.

We expect that this may have an impact on our product ranges depending on location.

We will also be using environmentally friendly packaging and requesting the same from our suppliers.

What can you do? Please stop flying. One return flight to Europe will probably equal or better your CO2 contribution from every other source for 12 months. Please order locally.